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TPS3 Jane’s Notes June 10, 1974 1/5 (20%) ant putty knees grinding hedge
– The Personal Sessions: Book 3 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Jane’s Notes June 10, 1974 Monday

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A few minutes or so later though something happened most difficult to explain. I was suddenly aware of a crazy feeling in .... my knees; as if they were being manipulated some way, only they were like putty... but at the same time while I felt this physically I didn’t feel it in my physical knees, but definitely in what I suppose you’d call my astral ones. Then I thought—or another part of me thought: at last, the inner evidence I’ve wanted so badly, the definite sensations . . . (don’t know how to explain this either but my ‘astral self’ was thinking this. The thoughts were mine, yet mine at a completely different level of thought that I don’t think I’ve ever identified (or identified with) before. Then instantly I forgot the entire thing, both incidents, until dinner. On Wednesday night there was definite improvement in my right knee and leg particularly; and left one too.

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