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TPS3 Jane’s Notes June 10, 1974 1/5 (20%) ant putty knees grinding hedge
– The Personal Sessions: Book 3 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Jane’s Notes June 10, 1974 Monday

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Monday, June 10, 1974, I lay down to take a nap. It was very noisy; a neighbor clipping a hedge and machinery of some kind grinding away at the new bridge site. Suddenly I became aware of a mental image, with sound that I couldn’t hear; like a silent movie. I was getting out of a car, with a man, and we were on our way toward a house in which a healer or physician lived. As that me, I had this emotional gratitude: thank God; at last, someone who can really help—or something like that; I think though I’m not sure that I also meant... someone who knew our way of thinking and what I was up to. This vanished almost at once when I snapped to, feeling that a bug or something was crawling up my leg. It was; an ant. A few minutes later, another ant, plus the noises.

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