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TES7 Session 324 March 6, 1967 10/33 (30%) resentment excitement misdirected Wollheim symptoms
– The Early Sessions: Book 7 of The Seth Material
– Session 324 March 6, 1967 9pm Monday

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(Jane felt quite restless and energetic before the session, and her symptoms had subsided to a minimum after a poor night and morning. She began speaking in trance at a good pace; her eyes opened often, her voice was active, and she was smoking.)

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It seeks outlet and must find it, and must find it a manner that satisfies the creative abilities. The excitement need not be physical, though it will find some reflection in physical terms. He has enormous energy at his disposal, a large portion of which has been misdirected in the form of symptoms, and partially out of resentment.

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The power of his energies, unfortunately, can be seen quite clearly in the severity of the symptoms that the energy formed when it was so misdirected. The personal material on his background that I gave you is all part of this, of course. He felt extreme resentment at Fell generally. Since he did not want to hurt anyone, this ricocheted, affecting him. (F. Fell published the ESP book.)

This energy is, of course, related strongly with his work. the relation is far more powerful than any strictly logical connection could ever be. The release of the energy in other directions automatically minimizes the symptoms, and will automatically negate them. They must, therefore, be used in exciting creative ways having to do with his intuitions, intellect, and creative work.

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If fear or resentment stops up the flow, then their origin, untranslated, unredeemed and unsublimated, causes physical symptoms and disorders. The system will right itself if given any chance. The poetry is his best touchstone here. He was angry at Fell for rather obvious reasons, but the reasons involved his work, which touched upon his energy, and this caused then the unfortunate comparison between Fell and Ruburt’s father. He reacted then as Ruburt’s mother reacted when deserted by the father. He adopted the same symptoms if not the disease itself.

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Ruburt’s symptoms will disappear as soon as this energy is directed in the manner of which I have spoken.

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He had, in fact, given some excellent suggestions earlier, which still served to protect him during the afternoon. These wore off and were not renewed, and the intense resentment then emerged in the symptoms.

He was also angry that friends arrived near midnight, since already he felt poorly. Again he said nothing and the symptoms grew all the stronger as his desire grew to tell them to leave. The night symptoms should vanish. Without intensive constructive suggestions before sleep the personality shows the status quo relationship of its condition, whatever it is. If it is poor, the sleep is poor, and the inner intuitions denied their therapeutic functions.

The stimuli that can be used to absorb some of the misdirected energy in the day is no longer available. The self shows its true face. When the intuitions are allowed freedom you see they therapeutically aid the personality in sleep and refresh it. The more energy that is used on Ruburt’s part in exciting creative ways, the more is available, you see, for therapeutic purposes. The symptoms are denied energy and cannot survive.

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He must be in throes of creativity. This can apply to actual work on a manuscript, intellectual excitement, or intuitional discovery, but a humdrum creative ritual is defeating for him. His energy will then attempt to explode in other fashions, and denied this will feed on its origins and result in physical symptoms.

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