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TES7 March 27, 1967 Notes on Seth Session Held Saturday, March 25, 1967 6/11 (55%) Pat sitters critically classroom clicks
– The Early Sessions: Book 7 of The Seth Material
– March 27, 1967 Notes on Seth Session Held Saturday, March 25, 1967 for Pat Norelli by Jane Roberts

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(A note here: Seth told Pat that she had a strong interest in history which could be utilized along with a writing ability; then Pat told us that she majored in history in college; we just took it for granted she majored in English since she teaches it.

(The Seth voice did come through to some considerable extent in the last portion of the session addressed to Pat’s students. [...]

[...] During this session, part of it at least, I seemed to be viewing a classroom, presumably Pat’s; at first I looked down upon the room from above, then moved to a vertical position, searching for a particular seat. [...]

(Definitely Pat’s desire for the special session was a contributing point. [...]

(Seth mentioned a boy who sat in a third or fourth seat in a specific row also given—had he said, for example, fifth or sixth this would have been wrong since Pat told us the students only sit four down.

MARCH 27, 1967

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