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TES7 March 27, 1967 Notes on Seth Session Held Saturday, March 25, 1967 4/11 (36%) Pat sitters critically classroom clicks
– The Early Sessions: Book 7 of The Seth Material
– March 27, 1967 Notes on Seth Session Held Saturday, March 25, 1967 for Pat Norelli by Jane Roberts

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(The night of the session it literally swept me along toward the end and I want to make these comments while the affair is fresh in my mind. There seems no doubt that when the voice attains a certain…pitch or intensity—something clicks and “I” am simply out of it. There is a sense of great power sweeping me away and off. While this is happening I am in no condition to critically analyze my own state of consciousness. During this session, part of it at least, I seemed to be viewing a classroom, presumably Pat’s; at first I looked down upon the room from above, then moved to a vertical position, searching for a particular seat. Here Seth mentioned a boy who sat there. I have no doubt that if Rob had questioned me I would have been able to describe the room. No one asked Seth to do so and, of course, all this time he was speaking through me in this voice of his. I think, though now it is difficult to recall, that I saw one rather long continuous blackboard, perhaps nearly across one whole wall. I was aware though Seth didn’t say so, that the last seats were usually empty.

(While the voice boomed out toward the end, I was in that classroom, certainly not in our living room. The emotional projection at the very least was very strong—speaking out to those students—but some kind of out-of-body projection also occurred. This simply was: I could not critically comment on it at the time. I had some difficulty coming out of the trance state and did not realize the fact of the projection critically until I lay in bed.

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(There is no doubt that Seth “comes through” much more clearly when the voice “turns on”. When it is at its best there is an odd distant quality about it as if it comes from a long way off; and a funny surging in it. It gains tremendous power but this seems to happen when a certain volume is reached. The volume is somewhat objectionable in our circumstances, living in an apartment. Perhaps this volume is a method I have chosen subconsciously to click Seth in? If so surely the two of us could find another method or certainly control the volume? While still allowing the strange buildup that precedes the “clicking in”? I was in a very deep trance the night of the session, which deepened as the session continued. Had Rob asked questions about the room, or had someone asked again about the young man’s mother’s maiden name [asked earlier] I am certain that Seth could have given the information—that “I” would have gone out after it while he spoke and controlled the mechanism. I was in no condition to offer or indeed to make any critical judgement at the time, and Seth was fully focused in delivering the statement to the students, however. I had thought when the session was over of suggesting we do this, but I was exhausted even though I knew I was having trouble snapping out of the trance.

(Definitely Pat’s desire for the special session was a contributing point. I reacted to her desire; just as I react negatively to someone who is highly critical. I must react to need in this respect—and it seems necessary at this point that I feel perfectly comfortable and safe before I allow Seth to take over so completely. Yet it is not Seth’s taking over that concerns me for when he does take over I am not afraid at all. It is the idea of leaving myself vulnerable to criticism I suppose.

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