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ECS2 ESP Class Session, November 10, 1970 11/65 (17%) flute Louise music tale wink
– The Early Class Sessions: Book 2 Sessions 1/6/70 to 12/29/70
– © 2008 Laurel Davies-Butts
– ESP Class Session, November 10, 1970 Tuesday

[... 10 paragraphs ...]

(During break a discussion about healing and physical images.)

You are all portions of your own higher identity, your own multidimensional selves. Now these selves know how to heal, and in the dream state they will indeed do so if you allow them to. You carry many of your misconceptions into certain areas of your dream reality and even there you close many doors.

Each of you automatically heal yourselves day by day, as you know. Cells die and are born. You renew your bodies every seven years, all without your conscious knowledge. You use the energy of the universe to heal yourselves constantly, but you have very definite conceptions of how this healing can take place and what is possible and what is not possible. You expect the cells of your body to be replaced. You expect your image to continue day by day, although the physical matter of your image today has not one atom or molecule within it that was a portion of your image ten years ago. The bodies that you had ten years ago are dead and gone, and you never missed them, and you do not feel dead.

You feel very alive, indeed. These things you take for granted but you form your own image, and you form them in consistent belief with those ideas that you have. And if you believe that you have a bad gall bladder, for example, and if you do not discover the reasons behind the difficulty you will faithfully reproduce that faulty gall bladder with every new formation of your physical image. And it does not occur to you that as your body is completely transformed within each seven years, so there is no reason at all to reproduce it each time with the old ailment. You can, indeed, heal yourselves but you must realize that you can do so in order to do it yourself effectively.

There is, unfortunately, a great difference between theory and practice, as you should know, in the field of medicine (to Nadine). And therefore, because I tell you that you can heal yourself, I also tell you that there are some difficulties in the way, and those difficulties are those ideas that you have in your heads that prevent you from using your own abilities.

There is not one of you present in this room who cannot contact your own entity and have that entity heal your physical being, for it can use its abilities quite freely. It does not have your present hang-ups. It does not think it is fat, it does not think it has a bad neck. It does not think it has a bad foot. It can erase your difficulties as easily as you can erase a mistake on a painting, easily and swiftly and beautifully and well.

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(To Rose.) Our friend over here in the corner has healing abilities and you can direct them, mainly toward others, although you are quite capable of using them for your own benefit also when you do not brood.

(To Louise.) Our new friend over here, the cougher, you also have strong healing abilities. You have used them unconsciously but you can use them with more purpose for yourself and others.

(To Rachel) The one over here on the couch who winks at me in such an infamous manner, you also have healing abilities. In the main you direct them outward toward others and when you have a better opinion of yourself, you can use them for your own benefit. Right now you do not think you are worthy. Not only does she wink but she sniffles her nose at me. Now these are abilities you can learn to use and develop.

(To Nadine.) It often occurs that those who have strong healing abilities focus upon illness and sickness and are obsessed with it in the same way that many ministers, given to thoughts of good and God, are obsessed with the idea of the devil and evil. So you also have strong healing abilities but these, so far in your personal life, have been latent because of your fear and your obsession in the other direction. If you will forgive me, it is somewhat like a woman with very earthly desires, but strong abilities in that line, who rigorously refuses to use them and dwells instead on thoughts of their evil, holding them back simply because she realizes they are so strong. In your own personal life you are afraid to use your abilities of this healing. You do not understand them and yet in your profession you are free to use them and you have seen them work.

I have seen many starers in my day, but I have never seen a starer such as this one, and if there are holes in our poor friend Ruburt’s back, when the session is over then you had better stuff them with cotton, but know where they came from. Now when I choose to stare at you, you will know that you have been stared at. I will have more to say about healing this evening, but I am going to let you take a break so that our friend here can beat her weary way home.

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