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TSM Chapter Eighteen thread agony God gestalt yearning

In other words, the whole frame of reality according to Seth includes far more than reincarnation and development within the physical system that we know. We have many sessions dealing with the nature of other realities, and sessions on “cosmology” that can’t be included in this book because of the space requirements. One of the most important points, I think, is that God is not static Himself. Whole blocks of Seth material discuss the potentials and makeup of consciousness as it is manifested in molecules, man, and pyramid energy gestalts. All of these are intimately connected in a cosmological web of activity. But as Seth says, “Even this overall pyramid gestalt is not static. Most of your God concepts deal with a static God, and here is one of your main theological difficulties. The awareness and experience of this gestalt constantly changes and grows. There is no static God. When you say, ‘This is God,’ then God is already something else. I am using the term ‘God’ for simplicity’s sake.

“All That Is retains memory of that state, and it serves as a constant impetus—in your terms—toward renewed creativity. Each self, as a part of All That Is, therefore also retains memory of that state. It is for this reason that each minute consciousness is endowed with the impetus toward survival, change, development, and creativity. It is not enough that All That Is, as a primary consciousness gestalt, desires further being, but that each portion of It also carries this determination.

“This, then, is the dilemma of any primary pyramid gestalt: It creates reality. It also recognized within each consciousness the massive potential that existed. The means, then, came to It. It must release the creatures and probabilities from Its dream.

TSM Appendix: Session 505, October 13, 1969 units rock emanations tones scientists

Now: These units of which we spoke earlier are basically animations rising from consciousness. I am speaking now of the consciousness within each physical particle regardless of its size—of molecular consciousness, cellular consciousness, as well as the larger gestalts of consciousness with which you are usually familiar. [...]

[...] The rock is composed of atoms and molecules, each with their own consciousness. This forms a gestalt rock consciousness. These units are sent out indiscriminately by the various atoms and molecules, but portions of them are also directed by the overall rock consciousness. [...]

[...] You could compare these units, simply for an analogy, to the invisible breath of consciousness. [...]

TES2 Session 55 May 20, 1964 molecules psychio outer expand arbitrary

Since the conscious ego is composed of the gestalt molecular consciousness, then when it leaves the physical body it takes the molecular consciousness with it, and this molecular consciousness is therefore present to aid in future construction. However, since you must deal with physical laws while dwelling upon the physical plane, you cannot dispense entirely with the physical constructions, but in such extensions of consciousness you must utilize other physical molecules and atoms.

The combined molecular consciousnesses, retaining identity, form a gestalt consciousness that is the ego, the outer ego, that is in turn utilized by the consciousness of the inner ego. [...]

The self will truly utilize the atoms and molecules; the consciousness will travel by this method. The particular physical body will then be known for what it is: a cooperative psychic gestalt, a psychio-physical structure formed together by the inner ego, utilizing atoms and molecules that are in themselves living and conscious.

NoPR Part Two: Chapter 14: Session 654, April 9, 1973 reprogram past neuronal present biologists

Now: In purely physical terms, what you think of as consciousness of the self arises from a certain peak of intensity reached by the gestalt consciousness of the atoms and molecules, and cells and organs, that compose the body.

The psychic structure of consciousness that organizes that bodily gestalt is, however, not dependent upon it, and so the you that you experience is only a portion of this greater identity.

While your present conscious beliefs dictate your current experience, and while your physical body wears its solidity only in present time to your senses, beneath this both the ever-changing elements of your body and your consciousness are relatively free in time. They exist in a multidimensionality with which rational consciousness is not yet equipped to deal.

NoPR Part One: Chapter 1: Session 613, September 11, 1972 doll tone flood chords space

Trees and rocks possess their own consciousness, and also share a gestalt consciousness, even as the living portions of your body. The cells and organs have their own awarenesses, and a gestalt one. So the race of man also has individual consciousness and a gestalt or mass consciousness, of which you individually are hardly aware.

In certain terms, the ego is the eye through which the conscious mind perceives, or the focus through which it views physical reality. But the conscious mind automatically changes its focus throughout life. [...] It is only when the conscious mind becomes rigid in its direction, or allows the ego to take on some of its own functions, that difficulties arise. Then the ego allows the conscious mind to work in certain directions and blocks its awareness in others.

Everything that you experience has consciousness, and each consciousness is endowed with its own feeling-tone. [...]

TES9 Session 505 October 13, 1969 landscape ladder thumb units rock

I am speaking now of the consciousness within each physical particle regardless of its size; of molecular consciousness, cellular consciousness, as well as the larger gestalts of consciousness with which you are usually more familiar.

[...] The rock is composed of atoms and molecules each with their own consciousness. This forms a gestalt-rock-consciousness.

[...] These units of which we spoke earlier are basically animations rising from consciousness.

TES2 Session 62 June 15, 1964 gestalt cooperation identity energy maintained

You may not be aware of the conscious nature of each atom in your body, or of the gestalt consciousness formed by those atoms as they build into cells, but it is not necessary for them, or for their own awareness of themselves, that you give them that recognition. The consciousness in the cells exists whether or not you recognize it.

Energy as it comes through your plane is individualized; and indeed, irregardless of any other theories, all energy contains some consciousness, in simple or more complicated gestalt fashion, as I have mentioned that atoms and molecules so possess a limited consciousness, and a generalized subconsciousness which contains within it a capsule comprehension of the universe as a whole.

I have explained somewhat earlier how the gestalt ego consciousness was formed, and to some degree explained its psychic composition, but there is much more to be said here. [...] Your senses are rather more equipped to notice difference and divergence than sameness; but nevertheless the cooperation of all conscious entities provides physical objects with whatever appearance of permanence they have.

TES7 Session 311 January 11,1967 god gestalt sum portion static

All portions of All That Is do not recognize themselves consciously as All That Is. But know themselves mainly as individuals, not as the prime gestalt individual. When realization is reached at the highest level, then All That Is instantly creates new realities, and to some extent, you see, loses the conscious knowledge of its own identity.

[...] What you prefer to think of as God is basically and above all, indeed as I have said, an infinite energy gestalt: or pyramid consciousness. [...]

You are yourself obviously an energy gestalt; as you become more fully conscious of reality your sense of identity will contain larger and larger aspects of reality.

TES3 Session 141 March 17, 1965 perception patterns action Piper minor

A particular consciousness is a gestalt of these conceptual patterns; but there is nothing to prevent a consciousness from increasing itself by experiencing other conceptual patterns or patterns of perception. This assimilation would increase, not decrease, any given consciousness. [...] We therefore say that a consciousness is a gestalt of patterns of perception, by which action knows itself. But the patterns of perceptions may grow, and the consciousness reach out. The consciousness has changed. It is no longer the same consciousness, since it has extended itself. Yet it is the same consciousness, on the other hand, because it is that which has extended itself. [...]

A consciousness can be said to be a gestalt of patterns of perception then; and while the definition stands, it can only apply to any given consciousness for the breath of an instant, since the patterns of perception, being action, have already changed; and the particular consciousness of which we spoke, and which we tried to limit and pin down, is gone.

[...] Consciousness is not one thing, therefore consciousness is not of itself limiting. [...] A self is a gestalt of action perception patterns, which are formed together through attraction.

TES7 Session 301 November 16, 1966 supraself supraconsciousness partaking action perceive

[...] The supraself is indeed a portion of a higher gestalt, which is part of yet another higher consciousness-gestalt. [...]

[...] On a conscious level you perceive less than this.

Action and consciousness are forever bound together, and we discussed the structure of the personality from this viewpoint. [...]

DEaVF1 Chapter 2: Session 886, December 3, 1979 divine Zeus flat Zoroaster homogeneity

(Long pause.) Your consciousness will survive your body’s death, but it will also take on another kind of form—a form that is itself composed of “units of consciousness.” You have a propensity for wanting to think in terms of hierarchies of consciousness, with humanity at the top of the list, in global terms. The Bible, for example, says that man is put in dominion over the animals, and it seems as if upgrading the consciousnesses of animals must somehow degrade your own. The divine gestalt, however, is expressed in such a way that its quality (pause) is undiluted. [...]

In certain basic and vital ways, your own consciousness is a portion of that divine gestalt. In the terms of your earthly experience, it is a metaphysical, a scientific, and a creative error to separate matter from consciousness, for consciousness materializes itself as matter in physical life.

This may hardly be original thinking here, but these proliferations of consciousness imply some pretty fantastic abilities on the part of we humans—for such developments show that even though we live as small creatures within the incredible richness of an overall consciousness, or All That Is, still our actions can result in that great consciousness exploring new areas of itself. [...]

TES3 Session 142 March 22, 1965 selves outthrust action Trainor self

[...] It is conscious of itself as belonging to action. The fact that it may be part of a larger gestalt self in no way belittles its own identity. It is conscious of the gestalts of which it is part.

[...] It enables the self to expand, to join in a gestalt with other selves. It is only your ego which leads you to believe that such an expansion would result in a lessening of consciousness on the one hand, or an invasion of other selves on the other.

[...] Action develops according to value fulfillment, and value fulfillment has little to do with size or numbers; and action turns to consciousness. Action working on itself becomes consciousness, and in speaking of consciousness I do not necessarily mean what you mean by the word.

UR1 Section 1: Session 683 February 18, 1974 bulb multipersonhood personhood units herd

[...] Consciousness fulfills itself by knowing itself. The knowledge changes it, in your terms, into a greater gestalt that then tries to fulfill and know itself, and so forth. There have been experiments upon your earth (by consciousness) with both men and animals at a different level than just mentioned, but with that in mind — herds of animals, for example, with each animal quite aware of the joint knowledge of the herd, the dangers to be encountered in any individual territory, and a psychological structure in which the mass consciousness of the herd recognized the individual consciousness of each animal, and protected it.

(Long pause, one of many.) All consciousness, in all of its forms, exists at once. [...] Larger concepts of personhood will indeed lead you to some glimpse of the truly remarkable gestalts of consciousness from which you constantly emerge.

[...] This presupposes a gestalt of awareness, however, in which each knows of the activities of the others, and participates; and you have a different version of mass consciousness. [...]

TES8 Session 412 May 27 1968 bouncy transmitters pyramid inert woman

The consciousnesses is composed of the individual consciousnesses that make up the material that is within the painting, and yet there is also a gestalt consciousness that is the result of the artist’s overall conception. [...]

There is nothing, neither knowledge nor beauty nor truth, that exists independently of consciousness or personality. My personality is such that it is not intimate or understandable to you, now, simply because it is a personality based upon different root assumptions than your own, and has its prime existence in dimensions that are composed of personality structures and gestalts based on alien psychological activities.

[...] It becomes a part of that which contains it, and therefore a part of the consciousness, in your case, of the cells and all of your structures. [...] They share the consciousness of the material upon which they are printed and the various individual letters themselves, by their position and reality, make each unique piece of paper upon which they are written original from all others.

DEaVF1 Chapter 3: Session 890, December 19, 1979 units ee sperm particles unmanifested

(9:48.) Units of consciousness (CU’s), transforming themselves into EE units, formed the environment and all of its inhabitants in the same process, in what you might call a circular manner rather than a serial one. And in those terms, of course, there are only various physical manifestations of consciousness, not a planet and its inhabitants, but an entire gestalt of awareized consciousness. In those terms (underlined), each portion of physically oriented consciousness sees reality and experience from its own privileged viewpoint, about which it seems all else revolves, even though this may involve a larger generalized field than your own, or a smaller one.

[...] You simply do not tune into the range of rock consciousness. Actually (pause), many other kinds of consciousness, while focused in their own specific ways, are more aware than man is of earth’s unified nature—but man, in following his own ways, also adds to the value fulfillment of all other consciousnesses in ways that are quite outside of usual systems of knowledge.

If you remember that beneath all, each unit of consciousness is aware of the position of each other unit, and that these units form all physical matter, then perhaps you can intuitively follow what I mean, for whatever knowledge man attains, whatever experience any one person accumulates, whatever arts or sciences you produce, all such information is instantly perceived at other levels of activity by each of the other units of consciousness that compose physical reality—whether those units form the shape of a rock, a raindrop, an apple, a cat, a frog or a shoe. Manufactured products are also composed of atoms and molecules that ride upon units of consciousness transformed into EE units, and hence into physical elements.

NoPR Part Two: Chapter 18: Session 664, May 21, 1973 earthquakes unstable chemicals storms excesses

(10:44.) The rhythms of your body and of your consciousness follow the patterns of your planet. The planet itself is composed of atoms and molecules, each with their own kind of consciousness, however; and in the gestalt and cumulative cooperative organization of their nature the physical structure is formed — out of consciousness.

First sentence: Your reality exists independently of your physically oriented consciousness, but while you are a creature your awareness must be interpreted through your neurological structure and your corporeal aliveness. [...] Other data will seldom be required consciously, yet it must always be available to unconscious portions of the self. Biologically the reach and capacity of your physically oriented consciousness is directly connected with the length of your days and nights, and of course with the seasons. [...] With the precise night and day schedule that it possesses, your planet would, in those terms, give birth to a creature consciousness uniquely suited to fit it. In other terms, the night and day represent the innate rhythms of your consciousness physically materialized through natural phenomena, for you are not yet equipped to perceive longer-duration days. [...]

[...] This provided the necessary stabilizing properties upon which your consciousness could play, and through which it could effectively and creatively operate. The smallest atom has its own kind of built-in integrity, upon which all of its organizations and alterations are based, so generally there is a gestalt kind of permanence within the body of the earth.

SS Part Two: Chapter 20: Session 581, April 14, 1971 particles ee faster m.h units

(10:45.) As you know, consciousness has a great tendency to maintain individuality, and yet to join in gestalts at the same time. An animal consciousness after death may form such a gestalt with other such consciousnesses, in which abilities are pooled and the combined cooperation makes possible, for example, a change of species.

The mechanics of consciousness remain the same. [...] Therefore there are no limitations set upon the development of any individual consciousness, or growth of any identity. Consciousness both in the body and without finds its own range, its own level. [...]

(Pause at 9:40.) Your consciousness, however, is equipped to create realities in other fields as well. Now in certain dreams and out-of-body experiences, your own consciousness moves faster than the speed of light, and under such conditions you are able to perceive some of these other forms of “mass or matter.”

TES2 Session 54 May 18, 1964 entities forest extral chicken durability

[...] The cells then, being a gestalt, contain the individual conscious components, which then form a consciousness greater than the consciousness of any individual component within, and different in scope and ability.

It is more than the combined consciousness of its atoms. [...] We know now that the consciousness behind each atom and molecule gave physical construction to the atom and molecule. That is, the consciousness came first.

The consciousness always comes first, representing individualized, extremely potent bits of energy that compose the basic or inner universe. [...] The creation that causes the whole to be more than the sum of its parts is merely the inner identities, the bulk of this consciousness not able to fully materialize upon the physical plane. In other words, no consciousness fully materializes upon the physical plane.

SS Part Two: Chapter 17: Session 569, February 24, 1971 Speakers dreamers eeg rules foods

[...] Only the very highest, most developed gestalt consciousness can be aware of anything like their totality. [...]

[...] Some of these are geographical in your system, but in all cases, a tuning-in of consciousness is a necessary preliminary. [...] There are adjacent states of consciousness that occur within the sleep pattern, that cannot be picked up by your EEG’s — adjacent “corridors” through which your consciousness travels.

[...] For now it is sufficient to realize that specific steps, definite alterations, occur as consciousness is shifted from the exterior to the interior reality, and that these changes are not random; that consciousness leaves through a very predictable route to its many destinations. [...] Some have excellent recall, for example, but often misinterpret their experience because of conscious ideas.

UR1 Section 1: Session 680 February 6, 1974 Linden selves inventor birth hysterectomy

Consciousness is composed of energy, with everything that implies. [...] Think of a given “self” as a nucleus of an energy gestalt of consciousness. [...]

5. Jane is now working on the final draft of her own theoretical work on psychic matters, Adventures in Consciousness: An Introduction to Aspect Psychology. [...] It’s first mentioned (as Adventures in Consciousness) in Chapter 21 of Seth Speaks; see the 587th session. [...]

[...] Each is born, in whatever system, from a source gestalt energy, and develops.

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